Swindon Parkinson's Activity Group


Exercise classes


Seated Exercise Class, Tuesday 2pm - 2.45 Grange Leisure Centre. Numbers are limited so please firstly contact Linda Barrett at 07876068500 or email at lindaj19@hotmail.co.uk


Balance & Exercise Class, Wednesday 1.00 - 1.45, 2.15 - 3.00, 3.30 - 4.15 Grange Leisure Centre. Numbers are limited so please firstly contact Linda Barrett at 07876068500 or email at lindaj19@hotmail.co.uk


Both your Branch Committee and our Parkinson’s Nurses and Physiotherapists therefore urge you to exercise, preferably by attending our restart exercise classes or by at least do some exercising at home. For those who chose not to attend the classes or are unable to do so and especially those who are not exercising, your Parkinson’s medical team and Branch committee urge you to do so for your own wellbeing.


The restart of the class is both positive and promising. Although the deterioration in the physical and in some cases mental condition of those attending was obvious to the instructor Linda Barrett and organisers, in some very much so. Since the restart improvement has been seen, which is good. Linda our instructor commented to one member who had attended all the first three weeks, of the big improvement in his movement she had seen. Things look very promising and positive.

Exercise class



To help with the continuance of our exercise restart we all must play our part and not give reasons for the classes to be stopped:


Only enter into and exit from the Stratton Suite to join the class through the fire door and not the main entrance into Grange Leisure. This is to ensure you do not mix with other Leisure Centre users and avoid risks.


Wear your face mask on entering the Stratton Suite through its fire door, which is down the passageway beside the beside the Bowls club to the left of Grange Leisure, until you are at your seat.


Once there you may take it off if you wish. Keep the face mask with you while at your seat.


Wear your face mask on leaving your chair to exit through the fire door when the class ends of going to and from the toilets.


Please do not congregate outside the fire door in groups chatting so social distancing cannot be maintained by others exiting, especially in groups not maintaining social distancing and removing their face masks.


To book a place please contact Ian Davey our Membership Secretary on 07976 413875 or by email at iandavey_parkinsons.swindon@outlook.com


To help those who chose to exercise at home or are unable to attend a class or waiting for the Seated Class to restart, I have added some Home Exercises from Parkinson’s UK. Again, we encourage all to do some exercise.


If you have no means of getting to the class, we will pay the taxi fare once you provide the receipt.


On behalf of your Committee and Medical Team

Dave Logan

Branch Member and Volunteer