Swindon Parkinson's Activity Group


Newly diagnosed?


If you, or someone you care about, have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, you may want to know more about the condition.


Being diagnosed with Parkinson's can be a very emotional experience but no one has to face Parkinson's alone. Knowing where to find answers to your questions can make a real difference.


All latest info from Parkinson’s UK can be found here


If you need to talk to someone call the Parkinson's UK free, confidential, helpline on: 0808 800 0303


The Swindon & District Branch of Parkinsons UK promotes awareness of Parkinsons in the Swindon area.


We reach out to those who are either newly diagnosed or who have had Parkinsons for longer but now need help, advice, contact with people who offer appropriate help & also support.


We organise events, activities, outings and talks.


We provide an environment for people to meet others to share experiences and promote self help.


We also fund a special balance and exercise class to aid mobility

Colin Freegard's Story


Parkinson's sufferer says: "On a bad day, I can’t do anything."

As featured in Swindon Advertiser. April 2015  Details here


Dave Hartley’s Story

When I was diagnosed I was devastated, I drove buses for a living. First I had to tell my manager who didn’t know anything about Parkinson’s but knew I had to inform the DVLA. Then there were my colleagues. I tried to hide it for quite some time, In the end it was just too much and very tiring. I used to be known as the depot poet. If something had happened in the restroom or out on the road I would make up a poem. So this is how I told all my work mates....


I’m coming out.
I shake a bit, if you haven’t seen,
it’s not that I’m nervous but sometimes I have been.
I have just been told I have a horrible disease,
It’s Ok, it’s not catching so don’t shy away, please.
Part of my brain has decided to retire.
Long before the rest of me, so this is dire.
it seems that it sends out a signal to parts,
That need information to carry out their tasks.
It’s got it’s benefits, as you will see,
An electric toothbrush has got nothing on me.
But on the whole, I am ok,
It’s just that I shake, in a sort funny of way.
This thing is called Parkinson’s, or PD for short.
And I’m on these pills, that seem to work.
It seems that I have had this for quite some time.
And has just decided to let me know, that it is mine!

Dave Hartley